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Coilcraft, Inc.



About the project:

Coilcraft is a global magnetic components manufacturer specializing in inductors and transformers. They were looking to rebrand their website to create a modern and user-friendly experience for their customers. I was tasked with designing the UX/UI and building a set of calculators for easy use by their customers.


To create a modern and user-friendly experience, I designed the user interface with simplicity in mind. The website had a clean and modern design, with a blue and gray color scheme that complemented Coilcraft’s branding. The website was designed to be easy to navigate, with a clear menu and prominent search bar at the top of every page.


The navigation menu was designed to be easy to understand and use. The menu contained links to the home page, products, applications, support, and contact us page. The products page was highlighted to make it more visible and attract potential customers to Coilcraft’s range of magnetic components.

User Experience:

To ensure an intuitive user experience, I designed the website with the user in mind. The website was optimized for different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. The content was easy to read, and the font size was increased to make it easier for older users to read.


One of the key features of the website was a set of calculators that were built for easy use by Coilcraft’s customers. The calculators allowed customers to input specific parameters to determine which of Coilcraft’s products would best suit their needs. The calculators were designed to be easy to use, with clear instructions and helpful tips.


The website I designed and developed for Coilcraft was a success. The website was easy to navigate and intuitive for users of all ages. The calculators were a key feature that allowed customers to quickly and easily find the products that would best suit their needs. The support section of the website provided customers with easy access to technical information and support. The website was optimized for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find the website. Overall, the website helped Coilcraft to improve its online presence and attract more customers to the company.

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